Covid protocol

We follow CDC and WHO recommended health and safety practices. All staff and clients are to be masked at all times. The room has a Molecule air filter running during business hours. There is a 30 minutes or more period between clients to air out the room and sanitize all surfaces touched.

Hand sanitizer is available as well as individuals wrapped surgical masks. During the massage while client is face down there is a pillowcase inserted into the face cradle to act as a mask so at that time no mask is required. Upon moving to face up position mask is required.

All sheets and blankets are changed between clients and washed in hot water with proper sanitizing requirements.

I personally practice safe social distancing. I receive covid tests every 2-3 weeks as a precaution.  I have received the vaccine as of February 3rd. This does not prevent me from contracting and possibly spreading Covid. So I continue to practice safe social distancing, mask wearing , hand washing etc....